It took a while, but Australia staged its first bicycle advocacy conference in 1992. AUSBIKE '92 was a success by any measure.

In 1996 Velo Australis was held in Fremantle, WA. This was an ECF auspiced conference and the first true international bicycle conference held in Australia.

VelOZity was held in 1999 in Adelaide, at the Hilton hotel.

The Asia Pacific series of conferences have been promoted by the Queensland government, in both Brisbane (  ) and the Gold Coast (  )

Bicyel Victoria (now Bicycle Network) have aimed their conference series primarily at local government, with thems and papers pitched accordingly.

In South Australia the Walking and Cycling Conferences have a long history, starting as one day 'musters' in 20xx.

There was a Rail Trails conference in Lilydale in 

Tracks and Trails conferences have been held irregularly, the first was in Mansfield (Vic), followed by Mandurah (WA) and Twin Waters (Mooloolabah QLD).



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