In 1996 a ride was held to coincide with the Velo Australis conference in Fremantle. The Great Nullarbor Bike Ride was organised by Ron Shepherd and Graham Bradshaw, the 120 riders and their support crew took 28 days to travel from Adelaide to Perth, across the Eyre Highway to Norseman then north to Coolgardie and thence to Perth. Leaving Adelaide in late September rain, travelling through Eucla in 45 degree heat and tackling strong headwinds on several days, the group were welcomed into South Perth by local dignitaries; some riders (who had started on the East Coast and ridden to Canberra) continued to Fremantle to dip their front wheels in the ocean. Read more


The Links in the Chain Federation Ride took place in 2001, celebrating the centenary of the Federation of Australian States into the Commonwealth. Riders started from all over Australia, some in relays, others doing long rides, and gathered at Old Parliamant House in Canberra on xxxx?  Organisers Luke and Marie Wensing were 

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